Honours Network Day

Honours Network Day

The Honours Network Day is a day which is known for its interactive setting, where students and business representatives get to know each other through various activities. Seven partner companies of the Honours Programme of Delft University of Technology (Shell, Sonion, Capgemini, ASML, RoyalHaskoning Bv, CB&I and Tata Steel) will attend this event to find ambitious bachelor- and master students.

Datum evenement: 02 maart 2017

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During the day, each company will solve cases together with students and also have one-on-one speeddates to get to know students who are interested in pursuing a career in one of the companies. There will be workshops for the students in upgrading their resume, LinkedIn profile picture and networking skills, and LinkedIn profile pictures will also be shot at this event. In short, a day full of self-development, networking and interaction! 



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